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We will troubleshoot your existing furnace and recommend the safest most cost effective way of getting your home heated once again. We can also help if you want to upgrade your existing furnace to something more efficient.


​Air Conditioning

We specialise in air conditioning! We can do it all from getting your system functioning to the best of its abilitites, and can upgrade your system to fit your needs. 



Heat Pumps

Ah the magic machine that both heats and cools! It takes a skilled technician to properly troubleshoot a heat-pump and Lacayo Mechanical has plenty of them.





We handle and can install all types of ductwork. From spiral, KD pipe, Flex, Aluma-flex, and anything else you can throw our way! We can also fabricate custom pieces for those tight areas where space is limited.

Title 24 Compliance

With local and state codes rapidly changing, a simple upgrade of your furnace can turn into a long list of extra code requirements. Here at Lacayo Mechanical we are we aware of the changes and can help every step of the way.


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